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Men’s Renaissance Coats and Jackets

Renaissance Highwayman Coat Introduction Image

Men’s Renaissance Coats & Jackets Men’s Renaissance coats and jackets, in fact, all articles of clothing for the aristocrat men were very elaborate and flamboyant pieces made of only the finest fabrics and materials. Men’s fashions were as luxurious as…

Men’s Pirate Coats & Jackets

Pirate Coats & Jackets with Matching Vests

Men’s Pirate Coats & Jackets Ahoy Thar Mateys! Here be a fine collection of men’s pirate coats and pirate vests of the finest quality materials fit for any buccaneer worth his salt at sea. Here at we are featuring…

Men’s Medieval Renaissance Cloaks & Capes

Men's Medieval Renaissance Capes and Cloaks Intro Image

Medieval & Renaissance Cape and Cloak Costumes for Adult Men During the Middle Ages, and moving into the Medieval period, men were still wearing loose rectangular shaped cloaks held together at the neckline with brooches, metal clasps, or buttons. Animal…