Thor: Ragnarok Women Costumes

Thor 3 Ragnarok Women Costumes -

Thor: Ragnarok Women Costumes

Featuring high-quality Thor: Ragnarok Women Costumes inspired by the Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Marvel comic books and film of the same name.

I have found amazing cosplay costumes and accessories for Hela, the Goddess of Death played by Cate Blanchett as the mysterious, fierce, and powerful new villain, and Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson as a warrior goddess and the leader of the Valkyrior. These two are the main women characters featured in the Thor: Ragnarok film. This is Thor’s 3rd film of the Marvel series.


Women’s Hela Costumes

Hela is Thor’s older sister and the goddess of death. She is Thor’s sworn enemy who had been imprisoned by her father, Odin. Once she is released from prison she unleashes her pent up a fury from her horned headdress to ensure she never returns to her cell. She is beautifully fierce and the destroyer of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Hela attempts to kill Thor and Loki by spacing them and she is the destroyer of Asgard’s army.

Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Hela Cosplay Costume

Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Hela Cosplay Costume - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comMarvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Hela Cosplay CostumeClick Here for DetailsMarvel Thor 3 Ragnarok New Edition Hela Costume - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comMarvel Thor 3 Ragnarok New Edition Hela CostumeClick Here for Details

These Hela costumes appear to be the same costumes at first glance, but the difference is in the fabric used to create each costume and the price tag. The price tag reflects the fabric cost. The costume featured above right is a more subdued version of Hela than the shiny costume featured above left. Both costumes can be custom made for you. Please plan to allow the extra time needed to made and ship the costume prior to your cosplay or Halloween event. The boots and headdress are not included. The headdress can be requested through a special custom order and the boots may be purchased separately below.

Women’s Hela Jumpsuit and Cloak Costume
by CosplayDiy

Women's Hela Jumpsuit and Cloak Costume by CosplayDiy - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Hela Jumpsuit and Cloak Costume
by CosplayDiy
Click Here for Details

As always, with CosplayDiy, you can buy a readymade costume using their size chart or you can special order the costume and they will make it to your exact measurements. Whenever I have special ordered costumes in the past, I like to add an extra inch or two to my measurements to give myself a little wiggle room. Weights can fluxuate and I want my costume to fit me if I have put on a couple of pounds as they are not returnable when special ordered.

Women’s Hela Costume Boots

These are the only decent Hela boots I could find right now at a reasonable cost. I’m sure once the movie is released in the US more costume manufacturers will be making them. I did come across a few pairs that were over $200 and they weren’t even real leather. I’ll only pay that amount or more for genuine leather boots not faux leather. Anyway, Ezcosplay made these Hela boots to go with their Hela costumes, but they can be worn with any hela costume you choose to wear.

Women's Hela Costume Boots - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Hela Costume BootsClick Here for Details


Hela Black Wig

Unless you already have naturally long wavy black hair, you will need a wig to complete the authentic look of Hela the goddess of death. A reasonably priced Hela cosplay costume wig.

Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Hela Black Wig

Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Hela Black Wig - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comMarvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Hela Black WigClick Here for Details


Women’s DIY Hela Headdress Horns Tutorials

I haven’t yet found any ready made Hela headwear horns except on Etsy, but many cosplayers are making their own. Below are two video tutorials showing you the steps and materials needed to make your own Hela horns.

Do It Yourself: Hela’s Headdress | Thor: Ragnarok


Hela Thor 3 Ragnarok Cosplay Headdress Tutorial – 01 Materials and Tools


Women’s Valkyrie Cosplay Costume

When Thor is imprisoned as a gladiator on a garbage planet called Sakaar, he recognizes a bounty hunter who goes by the name SR-142 as Valkyrie, who has been in hiding. Valkyrie, also known in legend as Brunnhilde, her real name, is the leader of the Valkyrior, a legendary army of warrior goddesses. Centuries ago, Valkyrie defended Asgard against Hela.

Deluxe Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Valkyrie 12-Piece
Cosplay Costume

Deluxe Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Valkyrie Cosplay Costume - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comDeluxe Marvel Thor 3 Ragnarok Adult Valkyrie Cosplay CostumeClick Here for Details

Wearing this deluxe faux leather Valkyrie costume will all of its accessory pieces will have you feeling like a powerful warrior goddess. Included with this costume is the detailed faux leather vest, a matching pants, a blue cloak with velcro attachment, a belt, a pair of faux leather and diamond pattern knit gloves, 2 arm guards, 1 arm cuff, 2 hand guards, and 2 leg straps. The boots are not included.

Women’s Ragnarok Valkyrie 5-Piece Costume

Women's Ragnarok Valkyrie 5-Piece Costume - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Ragnarok Valkyrie 5-Piece CostumeClick Here for Details

A black pleather sleeveless top with a cape and black vinyl pants make up this women’s Valkyrie Costume. Also included are a pair of pleather arm guards and a belt. The combat boots the model is wearing are not included.

Women’s Black Valkyrie Boots

I selected three pairs of strappy boots which look a lot closer to the boots worn by Valkyrie in the film than the combat boots worn by the above model.

Women's Black Knee High Strappy Buckle Boots - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Black Knee High Strappy Buckle BootsClick Here for DetailsWomen's Ashlyn Strappy Leather Boots - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Ashlyn Strappy Leather BootsClick Here for DetailsWomen Leather Knee High Strappy Boots - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen Leather Knee High Strappy BootsClick Here for Details


We hope you have lots and lots of fun at your next costume event dressed as one of these Norse Goddesses brought to life by Marvel Comics.
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