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Lady-in-Waiting Maiden Dress Costumes

Medieval Lady-in-Waiting Gown

Are you in need of a Lady-in-Waiting gown for a Renaissance Festival, cosplay event or a Halloween Party? Here at, we have selected an authentic assortment of high-quality Medieval & Renaissance Era Lady-in-Waiting dresses for you to choose from…

Men’s Musketeer Swordsmen Costumes

Musketeer Swordsman Costume

French Renaissance Musketeer Swordsmen Costumes for Adult Men The most famous of historical Musketeers is probably the four (yes there were four) musketeers from Alexandre Dumas’ novel, The Three Musketeers which took place during the Renaissance Era of 17th century…

Irresistibly Sexy Women’s Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid Costumes for Adult Women Have you ever fantasized you were a beautiful mermaid swimming to your underwater coral castle with the colorful tropical fish, squid and porpoises as your playmates? When I was a little girl, swimming in the…

Men’s Pirate Costume Sets

Adult Pirate Costumes for Men

Men’s Pirate Costume Sets Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum! Aye, Matey, it’s that time of the year when all good pirates sail into port to party hearty with all ye seafar’n and landlubber beauties. If you’ve ever…

Adult Royal Noblemen Clothing

Deluxe Tudor Renaissance Tudor Nobleman Costume

Adult King and Noblemen Renaissance Costumes Renaissance Costumes come from an era of time that spanned the years 1300 – 1600. It was preceded by the Middle Ages (476 AD – 1500) also referred to as the Medieval Era, and…

Women’s Plus Size Medieval Dress Costumes

Plus Size Medieval Renaissance Costume Dresses

Deluxe, high-quality Medieval and Renaissance costume dresses and gowns for the plus size women to wear to her favorite costume event. These are well-made costumes which can be worn to any Renaissance Festival; Halloween party, parade or contest; theater production; or Cosplay, Comic Con, SCA and LARP events. Some of them are made to order which will get you the perfect fit.