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Men’s Renaissance Royal and Noblemen Costumes

Deluxe Tudor Renaissance Nobleman Costume -

Men’s Renaissance Costumes for Royalty and Noblemen in a Renaissance Court. Renaissance costumes come from an era of time that spanned the 1200 – 1600s. It was preceded by the Middle Ages, or Medieval Era, and followed by the Reformation Era. The Renaissance Era began with the arts in Italy and spread all across Europe. It is an era which has been greatly romanticized by modern culture.

Men’s Musketeer Swordsmen Costumes

Musketeer Swordsman Costume

Renaissance Men’s Musketeer Swordsmen Costumes The French Renaissance Musketeers of the Guard began in 1622 in France as a military branch of the Royal Household, or Maison du Roi. Their name stemmed from the weapons they were outfitted with, namely…