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Medieval Renaissance Pirate Skirts & Gypsy Skirts for the Peasant Wench Pirate Women, the Aristocrat Lady Pirate Queens, and the Pirate Gypsy Fortune Tellers

Women’s Pirate Skirts | Gypsy Skirts

Pirate Skirt & Gypsy Skirt

We have the pirate skirt and gypsy skirt styles which were worn from the 15th to the 18th century by all varieties of women from the pirate tavern wench to the pirate gypsy and everything in between, including fantasy pirate skirts for the Pirate Queen. We are also featuring fun, yet practical, skirt overlays which were a big part of the fashion styles during these historical periods, along with skirts which can be converted into pants. We have both summer skirts and heavier skirts for the cooler seasons.