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Lady Pirate Coats, Jackets, and Vests

Sultry Black and Red Lady Pirate Jacket image

Only theater-quality lady pirate coats, lady pirate jackets, and lady pirate vests are featured here for your Pirate Festivals, Cosplay events, Rennaissance Fairs, LARP, Role Playing Games, or Halloween events. We have lady pirate coats inspired by historical costumes for the most discernible pirate women.

Men’s Pirate Coats & Jackets

Pirate Coats & Jackets with Matching Vests

Men’s Pirate Coats & Jackets Ahoy Thar Mateys! Here be a fine collection of men’s pirate coats and pirate vests of the finest quality materials. They be fit for any buccaneer worth his salt at sea. Here at I…

Men’s Assassin’s Creed Coats, Jackets & Hoodies

Deluxe Adult Costumes - Men's Assassin's Creed separate coats, jackets and vests

High-quality men’s Assassin’s Creed outerwear costumes. They are the perfect accessories for the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Altair, Ezio, Connor, Arno Dorian, Joseph Frye, and Shay Patrick Cormac characters. Wear them as costumes or as amazing street clothing outerwear any fan will appreciate.

Ladies Medieval Renaissance Cloaks

Woman Renaissance Tapestry Cloak

This is the source for high-quality, ladies Medieval Renaissance capes and cloaks. The costume cloaks featured on this page are accessories appropriate for Renaissance Festivals and cosplay events; theater productions; Halloween parades and parties; LARP, RPG, and SCA events; Renaissance fantasy weddings and more.

Men’s Marvel Avengers Jackets

Men's Marvel Avengers Jackets -

Men’s Marvel Avengers Jackets Featuring a wide variety of deluxe men’s Marvel Avenger jackets, coats, and vests worn by the superheroes featured in Marvel’s The Avengers and Captain America films. If your favorite character wore a jacket, a coat or…

Men’s Medieval Renaissance Cloaks & Capes

Men's Medieval Renaissance Capes and Cloaks Intro Image

During the Dark Ages, and moving into the Medieval period, men were still wearing loose rectangular shaped cloaks held together at the neckline with brooches, metal clasps, or buttons. Animal skins were often worn like capes, or capelets, over the shoulders of the cloaks with the fur showing outward. The cloaks were usually made of wool, however, cloaks made of animal skins with the fur turned inward were also worn for warmth during the frigid winters.

Men’s Renaissance Coats and Jackets

Renaissance Highwayman Coat Introduction Image

Men’s Renaissance Coats & Jackets Men’s Renaissance coats and jackets, in fact, all articles of clothing for the aristocrat men were very elaborate and flamboyant pieces made of only the finest fabrics and materials. Men’s fashions were as luxurious as…