Medieval and Renaissance Lady Undergarments

Long White Peasant Medieval and Renaissance Lady Undergarments Costume Chemise by ThePirateDressing - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comMedieval and Renaissance Lady Undergarments

It is important when dressing in costumes from the Middle Ages not to neglect the use of the Medieval and Renaissance lady undergarments which will complete the costume. The undergarments for the peasant class ladies during the Renaissance era were, for the most part, a simple flax linen or cotton chemise which was worn under a surcoat or as a blouse worn under a sleeveless bodice or under a corset. The chemise was basically worn under all Medieval ladies’ clothing. It kept the outer clothing cleaner by absorbing the perspiration and oils from their bodies. It was often used as a nightgown as well.

Skirts were worn several layers deep over pantaloons or bloomers. The top skirt layer was often used as an apron, a cleaning cloth, and also as a travel garment to keep the underskirt layers clean.

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Renaissance Women’s Long Chemise

The upper-class nobility wore more expensive silk chemises, often with fancy adornments and embellishments, such as lace and fancy buttons. Under their skirts were layers of crinolines, or ruffled skirts, which were worn over their silk and lace undergarments. provides an excellent selection of medieval chemises for your costume needs. These medieval undergarments come in ankle-length smocks as well as hip-length chemise blouses. They are ideal to wear underneath any of our Renaissance dresses or with our Medieval skirts. After spending the money to purchase a gorgeous costume, you may as well go all the way and protect by wearing a chemise. Some of the costumes must have a chemise to complete the look.

Women’s Anne of Cleves Chemise

Women's Medieval Renaissance White Anne of Cleves Chemise by ThePirateDressingWomen’s Anne of Cleves ChemiseClick Here for Details

Our white floor-length Anne of Cleeves chemise is an historically accurate design, except for the elastic used for modern comfort at the elbow ruffle. The cotton chemise does come with a drawstring at the neck which is accurate for the times. The back of the chemise is lace to give it a more attractive fit. Made in India, I recommend ordering a size larger for a better fit in the bustline.


Renaissance Brown Chemise

Women's Medieval Renaissance Pirate Brown Chemise by ThePirateDressingRenaissance Brown ChemiseClick Here for Details

Our light brown rayon chemise is a classic medieval design with a ruffled square neckline and ruffled at the elbow of 3/4 length sleeves. This chemise can be worn under a medieval surcoat or under a corset and skirt for added fullness.

Medieval Renaissance Royal Gold Chemise

Medieval Renaissance Royal Gold Brocade Chemise by Museum ReplicasMedieval Renaissance Royal Gold ChemiseClick Here for Details

A gorgeous golden chemise is the perfect undergarment to wear with a Medieval or Renaissance over dress. It will completely enhance and change the look of any over dress it is worn under. It is made of a poly/brocade fabric and would be beautiful worn with a peplum over skirt and a tapestry or silk bodice. It comes with extra long sleeves which can be pulled up and tied at the shoulders to achieve a custom fit. The tone-on-tone gold floral damask pattern makes this the perfect addition to any Medieval or Renaissance period costume outfit.


Renaissance Celtic Chemise

Renaissance Celtic Chemise (Small/Medium) - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comRenaissance Celtic Chemise (Small/Medium)Click Here for DetailsRenaissance Celtic Chemise (Large/XL)Renaissance Celtic Chemise (Large/XL)Click Here for Details

A beautiful full white Celtic chemise to wear under all your Medieval and Renaissance outfits. The neckline is gathered with long, gathered full bell sleeve adjusted to fit by ties at the shoulders.


Celtic Decorated Chemise

White Celtic Decorated Chemise by Armor VenueCeltic Decorated ChemiseClick Here for Details

During the Middle Ages only the nobility could afford a chemise such as this one. Even though they were sewn by the peasant women of the kingdom, the peasant seamstresses could not afford to buy lace for themselves. The full bell sleeves of this gorgeous Celtic chemise by Armor Venue are embellished with a beautiful floral and ivy lace trim which will look lovely worn under any Renaissance outfit. The neckline is gathered elastic allowing you to wear the chemise on or off the shoulders. I do not recommend this chemise for a tiny petite person as it will be too long, unless you don’t mind shortening the hem, and it will accomodate up to an x-large size.


Women’s Medieval Chemise Costume

Women's White Medieval Chemise Costume by Forum NoveltiesCeltic Decorated ChemiseClick Here for Details

This is a medieval undergarment meant to be worn under a dress, under with a sleeveless surcoat or with a sleeveless laceup bodice. It is NOT a dress to be worn alone. In the Renaissance era if a woman were to venture outside wearing only a chemise such as these, it would be the same as going outside today in a bra and panties. The sleeves on this chmise are what sets it apart from the others on this page. It has elastic gathers in two places for a poofy sleeve design and the gathered neckline is adjustable with a cord for the option of wearing it on or off the shoulders.

Women’s Ruffled Lace Chemise Costume Dress

Women's White Ruffled Lace Chemise Costume Dress by Forum NoveltiesWomen’s Ruffled Lace Chemise Costume DressClick Here for Details

An ultra feminine chemise with ruffled lace detailing at the elastic off-shoulder neckline, at the hems of the bell sleeves, and on the hem of the 2-tier, asymmetrical hemline. This chemise is a versatile piece that I keep in my costume wardrobe to wear with a variety of costumes, from a Renaissance maid, to a pirate wench, or an Octoberfest haufbrau maiden. Wear it under a corset and layered skirts or wear it as is with just a corset, pirate boots and a pirate hat. This piece will be an asset to many varieties of costumes, besides these that I just mentioned.

Women’s Medieval Lace Trimmed Chemise

Women's Medieval Lace Trimmed Chemise - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Medieval Lace Trimmed ChemiseSee Details on Amazon

As charming and as feminine as you can get wearing a chemise because of the delicate lace trim adorning the sleeves and the hem. A white on white floral detailing at the bottom of the chemise gives an added touch of elegance fit for an upper-class noble’s wife or daughter. Let the beautiful embroider be seen by cinching up the over skirt you are wearing over the chemise with a pair of leather skirt hikesleather skirt hikes.

Classic Renaissance Medieval Peasant Chemise Costume

Renaissance Medieval Peasant Chemise CostumeRenaissance Medieval Peasant Chemise CostumeClick Here for Details

A classic simple cotton peasant chemise with a ruffled neckline to be worn under a Medieval or Renaissance style bodice vest and an overskirt or two. The neckline gathers with a drawstring and elastic is used at the cuffs of the poofy ruffled sleeves.

Women’s Plus Size Medieval Chemise

Women's Plus Size Medieval Chemise Costume by Forum NoveltiesWomen’s Plus Size Medieval ChemiseClick Here for Details

A white plus size chemise with poet sleeves and a ruffled cuff to be worn under plus size peasant overdresses



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Women’s Classic Peasant Short Medieval Chemise

Women's Classic White Pirate Peasant Wench Short Medieval Renaissance Chemise Costume by Armor VenueWomen’s Classic Peasant Short Medieval ChemiseClick Here for Details


Faire Lady Renaissance Costume Short Chemise

Faire Lady Renaissance Costume Short Chemise Blouse by Faire Lady DesignsFaire Lady Renaissance Costume Short ChemiseClick Here for Details

I love the roomy puffed sleeves of this cotton-poly blend chemise. It gathers at the neckline with elastic giving you the option of wearing it on or off the shoulders. Elastic is also used in the sleeves allowing the sleevces to adjust to your individual arms. Tcostume dress he chemise was designed to be worn under a Renaissance costume dress or under a corset or Medieval style bodice. It is available in 7 different colors to match any outfit you want to wear to the Fair.


Ladies Medieval Peasant Chemise Shirt

Halloween Women Pirate Chemise Shirt Renaissance Peasant Wench Blouse by Shaper CorsetLadies Medieval Peasant Chemise ShirtClick Here for Details

The ladies chemise shirt has double elastic gathers in each sleeve for a more upscale look. It is a style that would have been worn by noblewomen during the Middle Ages. The elastic neckline always the blouse to be worn on or off the shoulders.

Renaissance Lady Bloomers Banner Image

Short Flirty Renaissance Tavern Wench Pantalettes

Available in 5 Color Combinations

Women's Short Flirty Renaissance Tavern Wench Pantalettes Available in 5 Color Combinations by Dress Like A PirateShort Flirty Renaissance Tavern Wench PantalettesClick Here for Details


Women’s Short Cotton Bloomers

Women's Sweet Ruffles Short Cotton Pumpkin Bloomers - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Sweet Ruffles Short Cotton Pumpkin BloomersSee Details on AmazonWomen's Short White Cotton Lace Bloomers - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Short White Cotton Lace BloomersSee Details on AmazonWomen's Short Cotton Lace Hem Bloomers - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWomen’s Short Cotton Lace Hem BloomersSee Details on Amazon

Short Fancy Dress Bloomers


Short White Fancy Dress Costume Bloomers by InsanityShort Fancy Dress BloomersClick Here for Details

Each individual bloomer pair is lovingly handmade in England with great attention paid to detail. The superb craftmanship comes at a very affordable price and are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer in England so please order far enough in advance to allow extra shipping time.

Women’s Cotton & Lace Ruffle Bloomers


Women's Cute White Cotton Bloomers with Lace Ruffle Hem by ZKCostumeWomen’s Cotton & Lace Ruffle BloomersClick Here for Details

An adorable pair of white cotton bloomers with two layers of beautiful lace ruffles and accented with pretty pink bows. These bloomers can be worn under a Renaissance costume, a Japanese Lolita costume or a Japanese Harajuku Kawaii costume for Cosplay events.

Renaissance Wench Cotton Bloomers

Women's Renaissance Wench Cotton Bloomers by Dress Like a PirateRenaissance Wench Cotton BloomersClick Here for Details

A really awesome pair of bloomers made with 100% cotton have satin ribbon ties and lace accents at the knees. They can be tied above the knee like a pantaloon or below the knee as a traditional bloomer. The hem of the bloomers is a wide band of pretty ruffled lace. I would wear them peeking out from under a tucked-up skirts with a corset or bodice. The elastic waistband has plenty of room for a super easy fit. These bloomers are meant to fit at or near our natural waistline to enable being worn under a corset. They are also available in solid black, solid red, brown with ivory lace, black with red lace, and black with white lace.

Women’s Renaissance Knee Length Bloomers

White Rag Doll Bloomers - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWhite Rag Doll BloomersSee Details on AmazonWhite Medieval Knee-Length Pantaloons - DeluxeAdultCostumes.comWhite Medieval Knee-Length PantaloonsSee Details on Amazon

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Floor Length A-Line Half Slip Petticoat

Floor Length A-Line Half Slip Petticoat Crinoline by RemediosFloor Length A-Line Half Slip PetticoatClick Here for Details

I would wear this crinoline style petticoat under a full skirt gown to give it the additional fullness it needs to keep its shape. The three layers of material make it very full so that it can easily replace a hoop style petticoat but with much more comfort. You don’t have hoops to adjust when sitting down and it is not as full as a 4 hoop petticoat which is needed for very full ball gowns.


Remedios 3-Boned Full Hoop Petticoat Underskirt Slip

Remedios 3-Boned Full Hoop Petticoat Underskirt in White or Black by TopweddingRemedios 3-Boned Full Hoop Petticoat Underskirt SlipClick Here for Details


Remedios Long Ruffled 4 Hoop Petticoat Half Slip
Regular to Plus Size

Remedios 4 Hoops Long Ruffled Petticoat Underskirt Crinoline Half Slip by TopweddingRemedios Long Ruffled 4 Hoop Petticoat Half Slip
Regular to Plus Size
Click Here for Details

A very full 4-hoop petticoat which is the perfect undergarment to wear under costumes when the maximum fullness is needed to keep the shape and integrity of the skirt. It is ideal for Renaissance, Victorian, Steampunk, Civil War, and Southern debutante ball gown costumes. The petticoat is available in sizes 02 all the way up to 24W (waist measurements of 23 inches up to 47 inches). Be sure to measure the length of your skirt to be sure it will cover the hoop petticoat with it showing at the hem of the dress.

Keep in mind there are only three really important things to remember when searching for the right Medieval Renaissance Undergarments to wear under your costume for your Renaissance event….

Keep Calm, Have Fun, and Enjoy the Hunt!



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